Cantine di Marzo

Via Gaetano Di Marzo, 2 83010 Tufo (Avellino)

Located in Tufo, in the province of Avellino, 50 km east of Naples, the di Marzo winery is the original estate where the Greco di Tufo was first made.
In 1647, Scipione di Marzo, first known ancestor of the family, left his hometown of San Paolo Belsito near the town of Nola to flee from the plague that was ravaging the region. He took with him some vines of a local white variety called at the time Greco del Vesuvio. Once settled in Tufo, he planted this variety in a region previously planted mostly in red. He became the founder of the wine Greco di Tufo. In 1648 he began the construction of the winery and the fortified house above it known as the palazzo. These two constructions are the architectural heritage of the estate and today still, it is in the winery that the wine is produced, the Greco di Tufo in particular.
Located in the town centre, the winery and the palazzo form an integral part of the original town walls. The seventeenth century palazzo is typical of the architectural style of that period.
The winery consists of a series of caves and tunnels dug by hand in the tuff rock. This gives a stable temperature throughout the year. The winery is structured over many levels with a drop of more than 20 meters allowing the use of gravity when moving the must and the wine. This prevents violent movements of the must in the wine making process.
The winery uses the latest technology and first class consultants: Paolo Caciorgna for the still wines and Maurizio Baldi for the sparkling wine. The wine making process is followed very carefully so that the wine may express all the personality given by the territory.
Thanks to this historical heritage and to vanguard winemaking techniques, the di Marzo winery is the proud witness of a tradition that dates back to the middle ages. The winery is regularly visited by tourists who wish to see a different aspect of the Campania region, or simply to try wines with a taste of terroir.

Anni Venti Cantine Storiche di Marzo
Area of production: Tufo (AV)
Type of wine: Vino spumante di qualità
Grapes: Greco
Alcohol Content: 12,5 %
Pairing: This sparkling wine is particularly pleasant as aperitif. It has enough structure to be drunk on more sophisticated dishes of fish and white meat.

To the nose there is a predominance of notes of dry fruits, nut and almond. The wine is full bodied to the palate and one recognises all the features of the Greco variety. The final notes are of bitter orange and almond.
Golden colour with fine bubbles with a long persistence.
Fiano di Avellino Cantine Storiche di Marzo DOCG
Area of production: Tufo (AV)
Type of wine: Fiano di Avellino DOCG
Grapes: Fiano
Alcohol Content: 12,5 %
Pairing: This wine blends beautifully with light dishes of white meat in sauce, most Neapolitan dishes including fried vegetables and fish. Its floral nature makes it very pleasant with deserts such as pastries, especially Mediterranean and oriental.

The aromatic pallet begins with a distinctive note of Mediterranean wild flowers and eucalyptus evolving into pear and exotic fruits. In the mouth a initial taste of lime gives way to the floral nature of the wine. The aroma of white flowers settles around the palate with an aromatic outburst and a feeling of freshness.
The wine is pale yellow with light green reflections.
Greco di Tufo Cantine Storiche di Marzo DOCG
Area of production: Tufo (AV)
Type of wine: Greco di Tufo DOCG
Grapes: Greco
Alcohol Content: 12,5 %
Pairing: Its fresh acidity makes it one of the few southern Italian wines which fit beautifully with tomato sauce in every form. Ideal with Pizza, pasta with tomato sauce as well as garlic based southern Italian dishes.

To the nose, a predominance of flint with notes of honey, peach and wild Mediterranean flowers ending on a discreet note of toasted bread. In the mouth the first impact is its freshness sustained by its acidity which underlines its structure as well as a well defined minerality backed by a refreshing taste of citrus. The persistence is very long and underlined by its typical after-taste of almond and nut.
Sunlight yellow robe with golden reflections.
Irpinia Aglianico Cantine Storiche di Marzo DOC
Area of production: Tufo (AV)
Type of wine: Irpinia Aglianico DOC
Grapes: Aglianico
Alcohol Content: 12,5 %
Pairing: Very appropriate with game and aged cheese as well as sophisticated dishes in sauce. In its region of origin it is appreciated with various grilled meats and wild mushrooms as well as prosciutto and various local varieties of salame.

To the nose it gives a first impression of black fruit followed by spicy notes. Its tannins give a full bodied sructure. In the mouth this spice sensation is underlined by a note of licorice. Its well balanced acidity leaves a sense of freshness and cleanliness in the mouth.
The wine has an intense dark red robe with pomegranate reflections which evolves into a ruby colour during its first year in the bottle.