Ristorante Argentino 7 Secoli

Via Ghibellina,140/rosso 50122 Firenze (Firenze)

The Restaurant Argentino 7 Ages is located in the heart of Florence and is cured, the better to spend pleasant evenings in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy pure tango savory dishes. Our specialty is the Aberdeen Angus beef from the Argentine boundless prairies; beers by taste, fine wines and traditional Argentine dessert 'dulce de leche'.

The restaurant is located in Argentina 7 Centuries via Ghibellina Palmieri street corner (in the middle of the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Santa Croce), in the historic center of Florence,

and offers the possibility to taste typical Argentinean specialties, and you can start with the exquisite 'churrasco' go with the desserts 'dulce de leche' and end up with countless other treats.

The atmosphere at Restaurant Argentino 7 Centuries of Florence is to be completely immersed in the rhythm of Latin American music and tango, the Argentine seventh Centuries Restaurant is highly regarded and attended by over 30 and for those who want to spend a quiet and pleasant evening

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