Az. Agrobiologica Lo Giudice Maria

Via G. Matteotti, 6 90047 Partinico (Palermo)

The olive oil of our farm with a fruity taste, intense colour, average spicy sensations, odorous and with low acidity, may be considered one of the most genuine products that nature offers us.

When it is uncooked, it goes well with vegetables, pulses, sauces, roast meat, and fish. It avails itself of the quality brand “HS” High Standard .

Our farm stretches in the typical hilly area of Zucco Carini (Province of Palermo) that is particularly devoted to olive oil production. It shows olives from 100% Môn cultivar “cerasuola” variety and we grow them according to the method of biological agriculture in the full observance and respect for nature and the environment.

Olive picking is done by hand; olives are carried in big airy cases and pressed within twenty-four hours with a cold constant extraction system. Oil is kept in stell containers naturally . At the end of natural settling it is packaged in bottles of 0,75 l (litre) with a relevant identification of the lot to which they belong and the analysis carried out.

For its typical organoleptic and nutritional qualities this produce is particularly recommended in the so-called Mediterranean diet of which it is an important component of good cooking.

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